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Two Great Books on Local and Military History

Two Local Books: -

The History of Hailsham's War Memorial and the Lives of the 123 men named on it

An illustrated history of Hailsham's War Memorial and a record of the lives and military actions of the men of Hailsham, in Sussex, who died for King and Country in both the First (1914-18) and Second (1939-45) World Wars and whose names are recorded on the Memorial in the High Street, Hailsham.

The History of the War Memorials in the Hellingly area and the Lives of those brave souls named on them

An illustrated history of the war Memorials in Hellingly Cemetery and elsewhere in the Hellingly area and a record of the lives and military actions of the people in the Hellingly area in Sussex, who died for 'King and Country' in both World Wars and whose names are recorded on the various Memorials in Hellingly and Upper Dicker.

Both books Researched and Written by Local Historian,

David M. Dyer

Hailsham - 172 illustrated Pages - Price £9.00

Hellingly - 120 illustrated Pages - Price £8.00

(+ £2.50 p & p, if required)

Note - £1 from each book will be donated to the “Royal British Legion”.

Available NOW:

Either DIRECT from the Author (by using the link below)

Or LOCALLY from one of the following:

1. Hailsham Town Council, ‘Inglenook’, Market Street, Hailsham

2. The Link Coffee Shop, Hailsham (No selling commission charged)


3. W.H. Smith Ltd, Vicarage Field, Hailsham

4. Village Information Centre, Herstmonceux (No selling commission charged)

Also advertised on-line on websites such as Amazon, Waterstones, W.H.Smith, CPIBookDelivery, etc.

These books are previously unwritten chapters of Hailsham and Hellingly's History. They are invaluable for anyone interested in either the local history of Hailsham, Hellingly and their surrounding villages or military history.

Paul Reed, a leading military historian specialising in the First and Second World Wars, has independently reviewed "The Heroes of Hailsham". His comments are to be found on the following website: -

Donations made to date: £750 to Royal British Legion and £225 to Thank The Forces

The Heroes Of Hailsham

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The Heroes Of Hailsham